Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

This year was my very first Mother's Day as a mom! I can't tell you how incredibly special I felt waking up that morning knowing I was part of the "mom's club," and baby girl must have known what was up because she even slept in!

Mother's Day weekend was spent in Seal Beach at my mom's house. It was snowing at our house when we left, and I was honestly anxious to escape to the beach because even the marine layer and 67 degree weather upon arrival felt like summer compared to our cool mountain weather as of late. And who doesn't want to see exposed baby skin? Rolls for days.

Our weekend consisted of shopping, frozen yogurt, eating at all our favorite spots on Main St., tons of beach walks, going out for drinks, and spending an evening at my favorite restaurant with our best friends while my mom babysat Bendelle-- Happy Mother's Day to me!

Mother's Day I was so happy because Aaron took the dogs on an early walk and let me sleep in while he made breakfast with Noelle for everyone. I also got so many sweet calls and texts from people wishing me happy mother's day, which made me feel so loved and special. After breakfast my mom, sister, Aaron and I (and Bendelle of course) decided to take all four of our dogs to dog beach! We left earlier than we usually go and got great parking and had a blast. It honestly fills my heart with joy when I see our pups gallivanting along the water, chasing each other and playing with other dogs, simply having the time of their lives.

And Belles was thoroughly entertained the whole time! 
Aaron was so sweet and got me a thoughtful card and beautiful gold necklace with Bendelle's birthstones for MD. It's such unique and beautiful piece, just like my precious girl ;)

We strolled down Main St. and relaxed most of the afternoon before going out for drinks in the evening. I am noticing as she gets older, her patience is dwindling away at the dinner table. We struggled a little bit with her which only made me even more thankful that my mom watched her the previous night when we went out!

The past week and a half I have been feeling under the weather--some days are worse than others (headaches and sore throats), but I am honestly so glad we spent the weekend at the beach. With my mamma, as a mom on Mother's Day, what better way could it have been spent?

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