Wednesday, May 13, 2015

7 Months

Bendelle turned 7 months old on Mother's Day and all of a sudden I feel like she's a big girl. Is she really 7 months already?? Same kind of feeling I had this year after turning 26--am I really not in my early 20s anymore??

She is sitting up on her own (with occasional falls every now and then), has discovered a new body part--her tongue--and has found it amusing to stick it out and blow bubbles at all the right moments. 

One of my new favorite things that she does is her "feisty face," as I like to call it.

It's her funny/crazy/mad scientist/insane look that is accompanied by heavy breathing and it gets me every time.

She is a big eater (as she has always been) and is really loving her veggies, fruits and baby oatmeal. And I am really loving the fact that I have about 15 bibs that I once thought was more than I'd need. Oh boy was I wrong!

She still loves her baths and has started vigorously splashing around with her hands and feet. I have just started to let her sit up in the bath, and I swear she would sit there all day splashing in the water if she could.

She enjoys playing with toys more than ever and is always testing out what tastes good. She has a blast ripping off her shoes and chewing on them--especially if they are leather--and will snatch any kind of paper product she can and try to eat it before I notice.

I am loving being able to see more of her personality as she gets older. She is a very animated, opinionated, determined, and adorable little heartthrob that I can't get enough of. And I love her more and more each and every day.

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