Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A little bit of advice

Two things I am loving right now: spring weather & this age and stage with Bendelle. She is so animated and silly, I can barely handle it. I remember thinking how big of a milestone 6 months would be, and it has truly surpassed our expectations. She is so talkative and lively, always wanting to put her hands in something. But she is also being so good about taking her two daily naps, it just makes me so happy! We are still working on getting her to not wake up so many times during the night, and I think the answer is to just give her a big meal (cereal or veggies) on top of her milk righhhht before she goes to sleep.

She does this new thing where she sticks out her tongue and blows bubbles, which is hilarious, except for when she does it after I feed her food she doesn't like #carrotseverywhere. And she has always loved her baths, but now that she has started splashing the water with her little hands and feet, she never wants to get out! (So much like her mama ;) )

On Monday Aaron and I watched our step-niece for a few hours and it was fun to get a glimpse at what it would be like to have two kids. I know they will be closer in age (my niece is almost 6) so that most likely means fighting all the time, but I'm still excited to have another kid  . . . one day!

Speaking of, a handful of people we know right now are pregnant! I get so excited when other people are expecting, especially now since I have Bendelle, I feel like more little ladies get to be part of the same exciting, crazy world I've been living in for the past (almost) 7 months. And if I can give you ladies any advice before baby comes, here it is

Enjoy being pregnant. Especially with your first, because there is something very peaceful when you are sitting in your quiet house one night after a long day and you feel her kick, and it is just you and her, your first baby. I have a feeling that by the time you have your second, pregnancy will be twice as exhausting because you'll be chasing around and being a parent to baby #1. So enjoy this pregnancy, the calm before the storm. Treat yourself to little things that may just seem like little things now, but may take a bit more work to enjoy once baby makes her debut--date nights, a pregnancy massage, a mani/pedi, SLEEPING IN, a long walk on the beach, or a marathon of your favorite TV show--whatever you can think of! I'm not saying you will never be able to enjoy these things again, but trust me, it becomes a lot harder to have some good quality "me" time once baby comes. And I don't think any mama has ever regretted the time and money they spent on making the nursery the one of their dreams. Have fun with it! This is your little creative space, and trust me, you will spend a lot of time changing her diapers, playing with her, putting her down for naps, feeding her, and getting her dressed in this space, so make it one YOU will enjoy! And mamas! Learn to love your growing body and appreciate the miracle of being able to have this tiny seed grow to be as big as a watermelon right inside your tummy! I think most will agree--there is definitely something beautiful about a pregnant woman. There are a bagillion other things I would love to say, but nap times are only so long . . .   


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