Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ready for Spring!

Life has been crazy over here in Blowout Land. Sleep regression is real and so is my need for coffee. Free time is either spent cleaning or napping, so I apologize for my absence lately! If anyone has some advice for getting the little one to sleep through the night (lately she wakes up like 5-10 times a night), I will gladly take it!

We have been experiencing a last minute Winter Wonderland over here in the mountains, and even though I am excited for warm weather now more than ever before, I must say, this last snowfall felt magical!

I am excited for Spring more than ever because being home with Bendelle can get a little stir crazy and I love spending time outdoors. It has been too cold lately to just hang out outside with Bells and I worry about her getting sick, especially when they are constantly having to get shots. Even on Aaron's days off we love to go on walks or little hikes but it has been either raining, snowing or below freezing this past week, so we really haven't been able to spend quality time outside. We did however go up to Humber Park with the pups and let them play in the snow while keeping Bendelle cozy and warm in the car. And my mom and sister watched her for an hour while we took the dogs on a long walk after the snow storm this weekend (where a gang of coyotes kept their hungry eyes on us :o ).

What I'm looking forward to in Spring:
1. Warmer weather & wildflowers
2. Lower electric bill (and no expensive propane bill!)
3. More hikes, walks & outdoor events!
4. Exposed baby skin! Blue skies & naked thighs! Wohoo!

At the end of June we are heading to the East Coast to visit Aaron's family for a week. I am so thrilled because it has been years since we visited his hometown, and this will be the first time everyone (aside from his mom) will meet Bendelle! It is so crazy to think she will be almost 9 months old when we're out there. I can't imagine how much she will have changed by then, but I am over the moon excited for our first (big) trip together as a family of three (not so much excited about flying with a baby though!).

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