Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patty's Day

Things have been cray cray over here trying to get Bendelle to take regular naps in her crib. My mom told me some babies will sleep anywhere without a fuss, and of course other babies . . . won't. Some mamas are fine with letting their babies call the shots, and whatever works best for your family is what you should do! But for me (us), I need order in my life, and I think establishing little routines (especially for naps) will keep everyone sane and healthy in the long run--even though I might loose my sanity in the meantime. If it were her choice, I think Bendelle would skip napping altogether! I know at 5 months she can't talk, but oh my Lord this baby definitely has an opinion!

Every since she turned 5 months old she has been rolling over like crazy! I call her my little tumbleweed (I know, so endearing). She does not last a minute on her back before she starts rolling over like it's her job! I also forgot to add in the last blog post how she can literally pull herself up--baby girl has strong abs already!

Yesterday (St. Patty's Day) we hung out with my mom and stepdad and did a big walk from their cabin into town. With three dogs and a baby, we were quite the motley crew, and after all the stimulation she was overly exhausted and took an extra long nap. So this morning she woke up extra, extra early and I hear her whispering to herself! It was the cutest thing. So we whispered back and forth to each other but as soon as I took out my phone to start recording her, all she wanted to do was play with it :(

No green beer for me yesterday, but lots of beautiful green scenery :) Next year I am excited to make green pancakes, green milk, and just about green everything for Bendelle. I've always loved celebrating holidays and want to make her childhood as fun and magical as possible :)

Tomorrow Bendelle has to get her shots and it just breaks my heart thinking about it :( At least Aaron will be with me this time, because I seriously cannot handle it when she is in pain! Wish us luck!

PS-look at those BLUE eyes!!

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