Tuesday, July 14, 2015

East Coast Vacation

It's always hard coming back from vacation, so I thought I'd reminisce by blogging about it :)

This vacation checked off a lot of firsts for us-first time traveling on a plane with a baby (4 total plane rides with the layovers!), first time most of Aaron's family got to meet Bendelle, and first time I went a whole trip without sleeping on an airplane! 

Our trip was everything we wanted it to be--fun, relaxing and memorable. It had been two years since we had last visited Aaron's hometown and we knew that this trip would be different. Bendelle loved all the attention and it made me wish she could spend more time around her relatives. Being out and about was a little hard on her nap time regime but we made it work one way or another. It was really nice still being able to keep Bendelle in a separate room (Aaron's old room) while we slept in the guest room. And really nice to have a babysitter one night so we could have drinks with Aaron's cousin and his fiancee ;)

Overall we had a blast, and no amount of time would have been enough. Some of my favorite memories were:
-Walking down the boardwalk with Aaron and his grandma while Bendelle took a nap in her stroller and spotting a whale in the ocean. It was honestly one of the coolest experiences of my life (my favorite animals are whales and dogs), and simply surreal seeing a whale unexpectedly jumping out of the water and splashing his tail on the surface of the water.
-Visiting a local farm and picking fresh berries and feeding the farm animals, all while imagining how awesome it would be to have a mini farm of our own one day.
-Staying up really late with Aaron and his mom, sipping chard, playing Sorry and indulging in homemade hot fudge sundaes topped with the fresh berries we picked.

I also loved swimming in the Atlantic, taking Belles in the pool and letting her splash and kick her little feet in the water, going on beautiful country drives, getting Rita's for the first time (!!), drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee, eating a wonderful farm-to-table meal at Natirar, evening walks with family, getting Bendelle dedicated at church, having a night out, sitting around a bonfire on the 4th watching fireworks, and every moment spent with family :)

I so look forward to going back in October :) 

Let the countdown begin ;)

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