Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

So as much as I wanted to go to a Christmas tree farm, I promised myself last year that we would buy our tree from the same spot my mom snagged a deal on her 15 ft tree Xmas 2011. Needless to say we did not buy a 15 ft tree, but we did get a good deal on this 7 ft beauty. I'd like to present our Christmas tree 2012

Merry & Bright

At the Xmas tree lot trying to decide between a Noble Fir & Douglas Fir . . . 

 So here was the Xmas tree dilemma:
I grew up with the Douglas Fir every Xmas--it wasn't until last year when Aaron & I got our first Xmas tree together, that I had my first Noble Fir. But I like them both for different reasons . . . 
The Noble Fir has the perfect branches for hanging heavy ornaments and makes decorating a little bit easier. The branches are spaced evenly and it is just a perfect looking tree overall. Also, the pine needles definitely do not shed as much at the Douglas.
But the Douglas Fir has something that the Noble doesn't--a strong pine scent. The Noble still has a light fragrance, but it won't fill your home like the Douglas. It is also a little bit cheaper than the Noble! The biggest drawback with the Douglas is it sheds a lot more, and there aren't as many strong branches (so valuable ornament go on the top sturdy branches!). It is a bushier tree, almost wild looking until you put some ornaments on it. But for me it is a reminder of childhood and growing up with my mamma who always seemed to pick out a tree that was taller than our ceiling. We would always end up cutting off the top of the tree, but our Santa tree topper would still be hunched into the ceiling.
So this year we went with the . . .  Douglas! It was simply because this year that was our "perfect tree". I am thinking about switching it up every year. Aaron grew up with fake trees because his mom is allergic, so he doesn't have a childhood preference, and I am always up for trying new things.

Below are a few pictures of us with our tree (I try to document everything & have always been"the girl with the camera")
Aaron spotted it, but shortly after I saw a couple of families eying it up so I stood guard like a true Xmas freak.

Growing up Mamma was always the one to do the lights. I don't know why but I have never really enjoyed putting the lights on the tree. So now it will be tradition for Aaron to light things up.

Ta Da!!! Our beautiful tree!!!

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